How to play a PUBG Tournament

Learn how to play a PUBG tournament on BattleExpo

This guide will help you to register for your first PUBG Tournament on BattleExpo.

1. Tournaments

First of all, we need to Download the tournaments themselves. You do that by clicking on Download under the BattleExpo Website tab on the left side on Download Button.


Once you have clicked on “Download” you App will be Download. After Download & install you can Register for the App. After Registration here, all tournaments will be listed that are up & coming.

Click on the Tournament that you would like to participate in! 

2. Join

When you have found the tournament you would like to participate in! You do that by clicking on “Join “ on the right side in the Tournament overview.

3. Confirmation

Once you have Clicked on join, you have to Confirm your PubG user name.

You will be able to do this within a certain time that is mentioned in the tournament settings! Make sure to Confirm Participation as soon as you can, since it is the first teams/parties that confirm who will get reserved spots until the Available slots are filled.

(More information regarding the tournament settings is explained below)

How to Join the PUBG Custom Rooms?

We play PUBG Mobile Matches or Tournaments in a Custom Room. So if you are new or if you heard PUBG Custom Rooms for the first time then you might be doubtful on How to Join a Custom Room. Just follow this brief guide to joining a PUBG Mobile Custom Room.

PUBG Mobile Custom Rooms is something using which a group of people can play together or compete at once. So BattleExpo makes use of Custom Rooms for their Tournaments and Matches. 100 Participants joins in these Custom Rooms and Play together. These Rooms have a Unique ID and Password to Access so that only the specific people can join any specific Custom Room.

Here is How to Join PUBG Mobile Custom Room Once you have Room ID and Password.

  • Step 1 – Open PUBG Mobile Game and let it load fully to the HomeScreen.
  • Step 2 – On the top left corner, below START Button you will find the Match Making Options Box (Map, Mode, etc.). Click on it.
  • Step 3 – A new window will pop-up with the list of other options in the left menu. At the bottom, find and click on Room option (see the image below).
  • Step 4 – You will see list of PUBG Custom Rooms along with a search option on the top left corner. In the search bar, type the PUBG Custom Room ID that you get from BattleExpo App.
  • Step 5: Click Enter and if the Room is Protected then you will see a Password Input Pop-up. Just enter the Room Password you get from BattleExpo App and click on Enter Room.
  • Step 6: That’s it. You are in the PUBG Match Custom Room. Change your Position as per your Team or Spot Choice and then wait for the match/game to start.
  • So this is how you can easily join any PUBG Mobile Custom Room using Room ID & Password. Play Good, Score High Kills and Win Huge!!

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